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This will be our 5th Annual Intramural Slipstream Open!  The most fun we have in the gym over a 5 week period.  Hands down!

The CrossFit OPEN is right around the corner!  It starts Feb. 21st, but the points for the Intramural Slipstream Open start TODAY – TUESDAY JAN 29TH!  The first two-person team to send us an email informing us of their team members and team name gets +2 points!

For this in-house competition, the main emphasis of points will be on participation, not performance!  So if you’re worried about “not being ready” or “new to the gym” don’t be!  All that’s required is that you show up, do a workout, and cheer on your teammates!

Our goal is to make this a FUN experience for everyone, bring our community together while testing our hard work that we put in each week!

WOD 19.1 is the first workout and will be announced on games.crossfit.com.  Official scaling options will be posted.  We will provide unofficial scaling options wherever necessary, so there will always be a version of the workout you can do!

Information about the Games are here.

Teams will earn points for the Intramural Slipstream Open as follows:
+2 points: Every member of a two-person team that registers for the CrossFit Open on games.crossfit.com by 2/21/19.

+1 point: Every team member who completes an Open workout.

+1 point: Every team member who completes an Open workout AND submits a score on the CrossFit Open website games.crossfit.com by Monday at 7 PM Central time each week.  Participants MUST submit their scores in order to earn this point for their team, and obviously must register for the CrossFit Open to be able to do so.

+1 point: Per team member when both team members complete an Open workout during the same session (e.g. both attend Saturday at 9:30).  Athletes MAY repeat the workout in order to earn this point.

+2 points: One athlete each week will be designated “Spirit of the Open” and will earn two points for his or her team. Might be the athlete with the best score, but will definitely be someone who put in a truly gutsy effort or is otherwise deserving of this honor.

+2 points: For every team member who completes ALL 5 workouts.

+1 point: For every team member who completes 4 of 5 workouts.


+1 point: To each team for their Two-person Team name submission by 2/17/19.

+3 points: For the winner of the Chili Cookoff! 

+1 point: For to each team that brings in a food donation for The St. Paul Neighborhood House. Deadline is the Chili Cookoff! 

+1 point: For the team that donates the most food (in lbs) for The St. Paul Neighborhood House.  Winner is announced at the Chili Cookoff! 

+2 points: To the team that has the best Theme Spirit each week!  Note: This is not the same as the “Spirit of the Open” weekly award.

+ more to come


Open workouts will be performed on SATURDAYS at 9:30am and MONDAYS at 5:30am whether you are signed up for the CrossFit Open or not.  Makeups are available Monday at Noon and 4:30pm.  If you are traveling, you may do the workout at another affiliate and get your score validated by a judge at that affiliate.

Each week of the Open will have a theme. 

Here’s the schedule:
19.1: Crazy Socks
19.2: Dress like a Rockstar/Boy Band Member
19.3: Decade Day (Dress in  any Decade Clothing)
19.4: St. Patty’s Day
19.5: Slipstream Pride

Teams and their Intramural Slipstream Open scores will be posted on this webpage every week.  Remember, these are the participation-based point scores.  They are not your scores from the workout themselves.