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We offer Functional Movement Screening and Body Fat Testing, which provide information that helps us meet your goals.  Personal Training services are available for those who want a truly customized program for a specific race, event, trip, or personal goal.

Personal Training


Per Hour

1 hour of 1:1 training with a coach.

CrossFit, CrossFit Lite, CrossFit Endurance, and Kettlebell Personal Training

10 hour package available for $590 (to be used within 1 year)

Functional Movement Screening


initial session

One 30-min Functional Movement Screening Session.

In each session we find an FMS Score based on seven tests to identify any problems in your basic movement patterns. Followed by an email with recommendations for any issues uncovered.

Follow-up session within 60 days is $35

Body Fat Test


initial session

One 20 minute initial session.

Take skinfold measurements and calculate body fat percentage to track your progress. 

Follow-up sessions are $20


We offer several programs to help you meet your goals.  We can help you choose the program that best supports your goals, interests, and abilities.  A better fit means better results sooner.










Straight Constantly Varied Functional Movements served up at High Intensity.  We use a variety of barbell and Olympic lifts, running, rowing, kettlebells, and many other elements to improve all aspects of physical fitness.  Get fitter than you ever thought possible, faster than you could have imagined!

Get in the best shape of your life!


The same constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements of CrossFit minus the barbells.  By eliminating the learning curve barbells demand, you can get fitter, faster than you thought possible.  While we call this CrossFit Lite, don’t think that this is easier than a typical CrossFit workout!  You will gain strength and cardiovascular fitness without worrying about bulking up or lifting heavy weights.  Each class is different and can include lots of different tools and bodyweight exercises to keep you challenged. Workout intensity will increase at your own pace, and we will be there to encourage and push you to your potential.



Happier. Stronger. More Confident.



Our kettlebells classes use that fantastic tool and your bodyweight to challenge every aspect of your fitness – including your concentration, focus, and fortitude.  Every element will be adjusted to your ability and fitness level, ensuring you get the best workout today, and expand your skills for tomorrow.



Set your goals and achieve them.


For those new to CrossFit, On-Ramp introduces you to the lifts and other movements commonly used in CrossFit in a small-class setting.  Workouts are designed to let you practice your mechanics and become familiar with CrossFit workouts.  You will become familiar with how to adjust elements of our workouts to your abilities, and meet others who are new to CrossFit.



Enjoy working out again.


CrossFit Slipstream believes you can’t out-train a bad diet.  We support our members by having Nutrition Challenges, Nutrition Information Sessions with Rasa Troup, and working with our members on their Nutrition during their Goal Setting Consults.





Get in the best shape of your life!


CrossFit Slipstream’s physical training program for Firefighter Candidates has been approved by the City of St. Paul Fire Department!  This means that (1) The City recognizes our training program will prepare you to do your best on the test, and (2) CrossFit Slipstream has access to the St. Paul Fire training site and equipment.  That means you will do the exact test in advance, with your coach, during training.   Candidates will receive 10% discount on membership.  Contact us at info@crossfitslipstream.com or fill out the form below to inquire. 


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