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Be Happier. Stronger. More Confident.


Slipstream offers a variety of safe, effective programs that will create a happier, stronger, more confident YOU.


CrossFit Slipstream offers personal training, as well as body fat testing and functional movement screening to help you reach your goals.


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Personal Training


Per Hour

1 hour of 1:1 training with a coach.

One additional person $25

20 min increment $25

  • Event, Trip, or Race preparation

    Structured training plans designed for your specific needs

    Formal or informal movement evaluation and corrective exercise guidance

    Integrated breathwork and mental training

    Integrated Nutrition and Lifestyle guidance

    Body composition analysis

10 hour package available for $670 (to be used within 1 year)

Functional Movement Screening


initial session

One 30-min Functional Movement Screening Session.

In each session we find an FMS Score based on seven tests to identify any problems in your basic movement patterns. Followed by an email with recommendations for any issues uncovered.

Follow-up session within 60 days is $35

Body Fat Test


initial session

One 20 minute initial session.

Take skinfold measurements and calculate body fat percentage to track your progress. 

Follow-up sessions are $20

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