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John M. Bryant, Founder and Head Coach

John is a lifelong endurance athlete who tried CrossFit in early 2010, and was hooked immediately. Having never recovered from the endurance bug, however, he has used CrossFit to complete the Twin Cities Marathon (twice) and expand his bicycle racing to include the muddy joys of cyclocross.

He is a licensed attorney and served for six years in the United States Marine Corps.  He is excited to help you discover and achieve your health and fitness goals.

John is available at john@crossfitslipstream.com


  • CrossFit Level 1

  • CrossFit Level 2

  • CrossFit Endurance

  • USA Weightlifting Sports Performance

  • USA Cycling Level 3

  • Pose® Running Technique Specialist

  • Russian Kettlebell Certification, Dragon Door RKC I

  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Level I

  • Red Cross CPR/AED, First Aid

Susan Lang, Director of Operations

Susan has been providing CrossFit membership support and athlete guidance for over 4 years.  She has 20 years of management and leadership experience.  Susan enjoys the outdoors and spending time with family and friends.  Her favorite lift is the Clean & Jerk (split) and workouts with multiple movements.  She is excited to be a part of your health and fitness journey!

Susan is available at susan@crossfitslipstream.com.

Jasmine Gerritsen, Coach/Trainer

Jasmine is a bit of a sports fiend and doesn’t ever recall a time in her life when she wasn’t active. Jasmine played basketball for 14 years, four of which she played in high school while also doing track and field.  She was exposed to CrossFit training by a hip athletic trainer in high school, who then graciously adopted Jasmine as a mentee. Thereafter, Jasmine used CrossFit training to help her achieve a Black Belt in Shorin-Ryu Karate (Kickboxing), and has since taught that for about 6 years. Although Jasmine prefers explosive sports and movements, she has had her fair share of endurance training, as she has ran multiple half marathons and even ran cross country for her college. Jasmine believes CrossFit gave her a well-balanced athletic skill set that enabled her to successfully pursue other athletic interests. 

Jasmine just received her secondary teaching license in English and English as a Second Language (ESL), but has since decided that the teacher-in-school-life just isn’t for her. Now she has set her sights on becoming a full-time fitness instructor and wants to learn as much as possible about training and exercising. 

Jasmine is available at jasmine@crossfitslipstream.com


  • CrossFit Level 1

  • USA Weightlifting Sports Performance

  • First Don in Shorin Ryu Karate (Kickboxing)

  • Lifeguard CPR/AED, First Aid

Paul Reiland, Coach/Trainer

Paul is a Father and Husband to an Awesome family. He has always been very active,  starting his journey as a competitive gymnast. He was a Sponsored in-line skater and snowboarder through high school. Paul is also an avid mountain biker. He has weight trained on and off throughout his life and has always plateaued. When he was introduced to CrossFit he was instantly hooked. With proper coaching and programming he is the fittest now than he has ever been, and looks forward to training every week. 

CrossFit helps him be the best version of himself. It has had such a positive impact on his life, that he now wants to share the knowledge with others to become the best versions of themselves.


  • CrossFit Level 1

  • CrossFit Gymnastics

  • USA Weightlifting Sports Performance

  • Red Cross CPR/AED, First Aid

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