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Slipstream Members,

Your health and safety are very important to us.  Please follow the below measures during Indoor Workouts to prevent the spread of COVID19.  Indoor Classes start Wednesday!

COVID-19 Safety Measures for Indoor Workouts
– Bring your own water!  The water fountain and showers are closed.  
– Only one person in the locker room at a time.
– If you feel ill at any time, stop exercising and notify your coach immediately. Do not come if you are feeling ill.
– Hand sanitizer dispensers are in the workout area.  Please use them before and after. 
– Cover your mouth and nose with your sleeve or a tissue when coughing or sneezing and avoid touching your face.  Sanitize!
– Dispose of tissues in provided trash receptacles and sanitize.
– Coaches will stage & sanitize any equipment prior to class.
– Do not share equipment.
It is everyone’s responsibility to maintain six feet or more between everyone!  Identify issues and address them before beginning.  
– Move through the gym on the designated path and stay in your assigned workout area. 
– Masks are mandatory for staff and strongly encouraged for members.  
– Store your belongings in your workout area.  Do not use the cubbies or locker room to store it.
Please email john@crossfitslipstream.com or call 612-644-9781 with any questions or concerns.  

Committed to Your Success!  

The Slipstream Team