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Carpe de-Covid: Seizing This Unique Opportunity

In his book Atomic Habits, James Clear defines habits as our normal way of doing things. Whether we want to eliminate bad habits or add good habits, success is defined as creating a new normal way of doing things. No matter who you are or what you do, your routine has undoubtedly been disrupted by the covid-19 outbreak. This disruption creates a perfect opportunity to create a new normal set of habits.

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Clear argues that the best way to create new habits is to identify the attributes – the identity – you aspire to and then ask yourself what that person would do in your current situation. Focusing on staying in shape, ask yourself what a physically active person does in the current situation. A person for whom physical activity is an integral part of their identity maintains that identity by staying physically active.

For our members, this should be pretty easy, as our methods adapt to different equipment or no equipment and we are able to deliver coaching via Zoom. It may, however, require a shift in timing, a rearranging of schedules, or the discipline to follow along to a video instead of going to the gym.

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This is where focusing on your identity as a physically active person is valuable – a physically active person finds ways to stay physically active, even if it is not their normal physical activity, despite the change in circumstances. They attend our virtual classes, they watch and move with our videos. They go for walks or runs. They tune up their bicycles and go out for rides. They tackle physical projects like home improvement or landscaping. When it is part of who you are, finding ways to do will be easy. So if you’re struggling to remain active during this time, ask yourself what a physically active person does now. Then do it!

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—John Bryant
Founder & Head Trainer