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A Healthy Lifestyle Starts with…

The core issue many of us deal with in life is the volume of demands on our attention.  We are exposed to around 3,000 advertising messages per day, on top of all the other things going on.  We are distracted, stressed, and feel out of control because we are.  A healthy lifestyle starts with developing a sense of control over our own lives. 

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We are creatures of habit because habits create the illusion of control – this element of life is on autopilot, so it takes virtually no effort to maintain.  But this is an illusion because we are not actively controlling our habits.  Instead, they control us.

Therefore, changing a habit is always a source of stress by itself, however necessary the change is.  The more impact the change has on other aspects of our lives, the more stressful it is.  This is also why identifying and consciously choosing our habits is one of the most important things we can do to take genuine control of our lives. 

Even healthy habits that serve us well need to be monitored to ensure they are giving us results we still want and not interfering with other goals.  This is especially true for our workout regime.  Is it doing what we need it to do?  Is it supporting other aspects of our lives or interfering with them unnecessarily?

Note the caveats.  Workouts should take the right amount of time and require the right amount of energy.  The program should require us to work on things we don’t do very well, because we tend to gravitate to the things we like (which tend to be our strengths), and away from things we don’t like (which tend to be our weaknesses).  

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Slipstream’s program helps you make working out a healthy habit.  Our convenient location and variety of class times make getting to the gym easy.  One hour classes make planning simple.  Once you’re here and dressed, our coaches take care of what you’re doing, how to do it, for how long, and how hard you should work.  Over the course of a week, we address all aspects of fitness and hit all of your energy systems, getting you the most balanced physical development in the minimum amount of time possible.    

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–John Bryant

Founder & Head Trainer