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How to: Barbell Bench Press for Beginners

One of the main benefits of having a coach is to shorten the learning process for movements that require experience and skill to perform optimally, let alone safely.  However, internet videos do a pretty good job of getting you started, so there’s no need to wait another day.  Just be sure to start light and keep the repetitions relatively high (8-12), so you get plenty of practice with the movement.  When 12 reps at a particular weight aren’t challenging, add more and reduce the repetitions to 8.  As with any new movement, you should expect some soreness, but if it interferes with your other workouts or life in general, reduce the weight and total repetitions during your next session.  See how you feel and adjust weight and/or repetitions at your next session accordingly.

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Since you’re getting started, don’t do more than 3 sets at your heaviest weight after doing 3-4 lighter warm-up sets.

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Barbell Bench Press for beginners: