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The Slipstream Difference: Listening

Having embraced high-intensity work as the most efficient way to “burn fat,” the fitness industry, as the name implies, seeks maximum profit by providing it on an industrial scale.  The trouble with this is simple: you are not an industrial product. Your goals may well include burning fat, but are undoubtedly more nuanced than that. You are a flesh and blood, complex human with multiple motivations, desires, and goals.  Your workout needs to be based on you, your actual goals, and how you feel on any given day.  Industrial programs are simply not able to listen to you, let alone your body, and adjust in real time to those facts.

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The industrial solution is technology and fixed expectations.  But humans cannot be slaves to a heart rate monitor or other technology that tells you that you are doing a bad job today because (as a totally nonrandom example) you didn’t spend 12:00 above 84% of your maximum heart rate.  Such technology reinforces the competitive aspect of fitness – even if “you only compete with yourself” – and encourages you to ignore how you actually feel and push until you crash.  That crash may be injury (which is a body part giving out) or “overtraining” – lethargy, irritability, loss of appetite, lost enthusiasm, and more.  In either case, the result is less fitness, fat burn, and goal achievement, not more.

Stages of Overtraining – Recognize anything? Source: philmaffetone.com/

Even if you have a widely-shared goal like fat loss, at Slipstream we listen to you and keep your particular motivation(s) in mind every time you come in the gym.  We tailor our coaching to your goals and capabilities, including how we recommend you pace the workout.  If you have more specific goals or needs, our personal training programs offer the ultimate in customization – you aren’t even bound by the drafted workout if it is not appropriate for you that day.

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–John Bryant

Founder & Head Trainer