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The Slipstream Difference: Coaching, Not Crushing

In 2001, a little website started posting the “CrossFit®” high intensity “workout of the day” along with its founder’s essays recommending a diet low in carbohydrates and high in quality.  Starting in 2005, P90X® and Insanity® flooded late-night television, popularizing high intensity exercise, and a diet low in carbohydrates and higher in protein and fat.  With that publicity, the little website got a lot more traffic and more media coverage, including the article that informed yours truly of its existence.  This formula works for most people who can stick with it, so it has been the template for the fitness industry since.

Our coaches are trained first in proper movement, to see deviations in movement, and to issue corrections and monitor the results. 

The diet part I will leave for another post.  The high intensity exercise piece has caused a great deal of unnecessary suffering.  It is certainly true that you get the most change for your effort from high intensity work.  It is also true that high intensity work is extremely demanding.  As one of my mentors said: “CrossFit is great, but if you don’t respect it, it will eat you alive.”  I agree, but add that you need to respect yourself enough to allow yourself to recover from your high intensity workouts, CrossFit or not.

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Any “coach” can create a high intensity workout and yell and scream to “motivate” you into a sweaty mess.  It takes a trained, caring coach to (1) know proper movement and why it is important, (2) have the “eye” to see movement errors, and (3) the skill to help you find your way to proper movement while still being able to (4) create a workout that is the right type of intensity for you and within your abilities on any given day.  Most “coaches” do not have this skill set, which is why indoor cycling is popular, and other “high intensity” workouts tend to draw from a small number of movements.  Those approaches reduce the skills needed by the coach.   Performing well is not an option, so feeling “destroyed” or “wrecked” become the badges of honor, rather than the signs that the workout was beyond your capabilities they actually are.  You are being eaten alive.

Our coaches are trained first in proper movement, to see deviations in movement, and to issue corrections and monitor the results.  We are here to help you learn to move well, and to give you workouts that challenge you, without leaving you too sore to move for days on end.  The challenge at first will be learning movements and improving mobility so you can move safely, and less about being a sweaty mess.  That will come as your new skills allow you to start moving faster with greater resistance.

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We will help you know which is right for you on which days.  Crushing someone is easy.  Coaching is hard.  And Coaching is the Slipstream Difference.

Contact me at john@crossfitslipstream.com or 612-644-9781 to schedule a free, no-sweat introduction, so we can discuss your goals and determine the best path forward for you.

–John Bryant

Founder & Head Trainer