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Move Well, then Move Often

Many of our recent posts have described our approach and how it differs from other gyms.  This post goes into greater depth on one of those elements and why it is important to us – movement quality.

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One of our mentors at Slipstream is Gray Cook, inventor of the Functional Movement Screen (“FMS”), and a leader in the physical therapy world.  His thinking shapes much of our philosophy.  In particular, we aspire to implement his first movement principle: “move well, then move often.”

Slipstream’s priorities for health and fitness

There is an implied criticism of the sports and fitness industry in that statement.  You join a gym or sign up for a sports league and the first thing you expect to do is move a lot and become more fit.  That’s moving often.  If you skip the “move well” step, you dramatically increase the likelihood of injury, reduce efficiency (making you less competitive), and probably reduce your enjoyment of the activity as well.  It is fun to be good at things, and when we try to do things we are not ready for, it is very discouraging.

If you skip the “move well” step, you dramatically increase the likelihood of injury…

For the fitness industry, the difficulty is that everyone has different movement issues but working one-on-one is prohibitively expensive for all but the select few.  At Slipstream, we offer Cook’s FMS, which gives you personalized mobility recommendations targeted for your specific issues.  You can follow those recommendations in the gym before and after class and at home with minimal equipment.

Our group classes include techniques to improve your mobility and advice on identifying and correcting specific issues.  We always include mobility work in our cool-down and often include specific mobility work in our warm-ups to ensure you are ready for the positions that workout calls for.  This also allows us to determine if something isn’t working for you and to make a substitution that will work better for you that day.

With these methods, you get the workout you want today, while still staying safe and getting the mobility work and knowledge you need to be able to improve your movement quality and take on the difficult challenges life throws at you on a daily basis.

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To learn more, or to sign up for a Functional Movement Screen, contact me at john@crossfitslipstream.com today!

–John Bryant

Founder & Head Trainer