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Member Highlight – Meet Denise

Why did you decide to try CrossFit? 
To find something to do with my husband.  We both tried an intro class and couldn’t finish the workout.  After realizing I am not as healthy as I thought I was, I chose to continue.  Scared and all but still wanted to prove to myself I am still an athlete.

How is having a CrossFit coach changed your workout or fitness results? 
I love having a coach because they totally catch me when I am not going to my full potential.  The friendly encouragement and push to do better is exactly what I needed.

How has doing CrossFit affected your health and/or life? 
Since starting CrossFit in September 2016, I have lost 50 pounds and maintained the loss.  I have more muscle mass and sleep so much better.  I was fortunate enough to start CrossFit when a nutrition challenge started so now working out and making better food choices are a part of my every day life.  A motto I learned was:  the choice is yours – good, better or best.  That works for everything in life.

What is your favorite CrossFit movement? 
100% the Deadlift.  I love all of the powerlifting movements.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about trying CrossFit? 
Time to conquer your fears and go for it.  CrossFit is for everyone. Also, I feel it is time for parent’s to start saying yes to their physical activities instead of waiting for when their children are grown like I did.  It is ok to take one hour a day to improve your health.