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The Slipstream Difference: “Fitness” and Your Goals

One of our recent posts discussed the CrossFit definition of “fitness” and how we interpret it at Slipstream.  Briefly, CrossFit, Inc. defines “fitness” as “increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains.”  This is “general physical preparedness” and it contrasts with preparing for specific, known physical challenges.  This post addresses how we develop a program that is right for you.  It starts with being genuinely honest about your answer to this question: “what do you really want?”

“what do you really want?”

The strength of CrossFit’s definition of “fitness” is its’ clarity.  Its’ weakness is that it answers the “what do you really want” question for you: you want increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains.  If that is in fact your answer, CrossFit is a perfect match.  If you want to feel a sense of accomplishment in the gym, get exercise, and feel good about doing something for yourself, CrossFit is a perfect match.  But if you want to feel great paddling a weeklong trip in the Boundary Waters, finish your first triathlon, or accomplish some other specific goal, the best program for you may include CrossFit plus additional work, or not involve CrossFit at all.  We can help you make this determination and design a plan that works for you.

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Once you have answered this question, we follow Dan John’s procedure for designing a program outlined in his book Can You Go?.  He divides responses into four quadrants based on the number of fitness qualities that need to be developed and the level to which they must be developed:

Within each quadrant, there are particular qualities that an individual may need to work on, except for QI, in which everyone needs to work on everything.  This is where individual assessment matters.  Are you an active athlete, seeking to prepare for competition?  Then we need to identify your relevant weaknesses, shore them up without reducing your relevant strengths, and get you stronger.  Simply want to be fitter, healthier, and happier?  Then we need to improve your body awareness, get you moving well, and then moving heavy things rapidly.  Want to set a new personal record for the 10k?  Then you need to train like QIV, even if you are not “elite”.

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Schedule your free, no-sweat introduction today, get to know us, and let us know what fitness means to you.  We’ll let you know how we can help you get from where you are to where you want to be!

—John Bryant

Founder & Head Trainer