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The Slipstream Difference: “Functional” Training

All affiliates of CrossFit®, Inc. are independently owned and operated.  They are not franchises as that word is normally used today, so each is free to program its own workouts and seek its own path to performance.  So, what makes Slipstream unique?  We start with the definition of CrossFit® and how our implementation may differ from other gyms.

The founder of CrossFit® defined it as “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement.”  Within that definition, we begin with “functional movements” which CrossFit®, Inc. defines as: “…universal motor recruitment patterns…performed in a wave of contraction from core to extremity…compound movements [that are] natural, effective, and efficient [movers] of body and external objects. But [most important is their] capacity to move large loads over long distances…quickly [producing a high power output].”

Note the “most important” language.  CrossFit® emphasizes power output because it treats metabolic conditioning as the most important element of fitness.  We agree that metabolic conditioning is important, but we prioritize things differently.

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Slipstream’s definition of “functional movement” is comparatively simple: movements we can do in the gym that transfer to the real-world.  Movements like the deadlift, squat, and press are things that we have to do in the real world all the time.  We can also ride bicycles, swim, ski, crawl, jump, hang, and do myriad other things that do not meet the CrossFit® definition.

Slipstream’s definition of “functional movement” is comparatively simple: movements we can do in the gym that transfer to the real-world. 

At Slipstream, we know that lifestyle factors, especially nutrition, stress, and sleep, are the primary determinants of your overall health.  When you’re ready to move, we address your mobility limitations and get you unglued, then make bracing your midline and moving from your core first and extremities last habitual.  Once you feel confident performing a movement, we can work on doing a more difficult version of it – faster, heavier, etc.  This challenges your new technique and develops your ability to feel when you are out of position and to make corrections safely.  When you can do that consistently, we work on addressing any muscle imbalances that cause your technique to falter.  Finally, you are ready to start really challenging your metabolic systems (“conditioning”).

Slipstream’s Approach

CrossFit®’s Approach

The best way to begin the journey is with personal training, so you get the individual attention you deserve, and make the most progress in the least time.  The next best is our On-Ramp program, which accomplishes the same goals but at a very accelerated pace and a lower price point.  You can also jump right in and get going with our Lite class, which includes additional instruction during class.  It’s your choice.

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Contact me at john@crossfitslipstream.com or 612-644-9781 to schedule a free, no-sweat introduction, so we can discuss your goals and determine the best path forward for you.

John Bryant

Founder & Head Trainer