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Why Personal Training?

Intensity is the bread and butter of our programming, making it possible to improve your fitness by taking one-hour group classes a few times a week. However, group sessions may not focus on a skill or technique that you’ve been wanting to learn.  Or a class may move too fast to really sink your teeth into a movement.  Or you may have a specific goal in mind, and it isn’t happening as fast as you want in group classes.  If any of these feel like they apply, you should consider a personal training session with one of your coaches here at Slipstream. In this post, we’ll go over a couple of the key benefits you could gain from one-on-one sessions. While there’s nothing quite like working out with a group that motivates you, personal training can help you reach a specific goal or goals.


The biggest difference between a group class and a personal training session is the increase in focus: from you, from your coach, and from the workout. Scientific studies consistently support the hypothesis that supervised exercise leads to faster rates of improvement (usually measured in increases in strength). While we pride ourselves on providing attentive instruction in all our classes here at Slipstream, personal training takes this a step further.  Instead of sharing a coach with a group of people, your coach is focused on you, your goals, and making your time in the gym the best it can be.

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Everybody (and every body) is different, and while our coaches are great at adapting workouts to each individual, personal training takes this a step further. Your coach will spend time going over your unique strengths, weaknesses, and goals to design workouts specific to your individual goals, be they skill, strength, endurance, or whatever you choose.

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Another benefit of personal training sessions is increased accountability.  You’re less likely to pass up a workout, or just go easy, when you have an appointment with a coach and a program specific to you. We are all for taking a rest day when it’s needed, but more accountability might be exactly what you need to get you in the gym from day-to-day.  Know also that your trainer will adjust the workout to your abilities that day.  So if you’re low on gas, it may be a great chance to work on a mobility or other issue that is holding you back, instead of the 20:00 thrasher originally planned.


The one-on-one format of personal training also allows you time to ask plenty of questions about your workouts, or anything else you’ve been curious about. For example, a lot of times we don’t have time in class to dig into the “why” behind the workout. Why do we do certain exercise? Why are we doing X number of reps? etc. Also, you’ll be able to find out what “homework” you might need to do in order to reach your goals. For example, your coach will be able to individually address mobility, recovery, and other things you can do at home that can help make the most of your time in the gym.

“The biggest difference you’ll notice between a group class and a personal training session is an increase in focus: from you, from your coach, and from the workout.”

CrossFit Slipstream exists to help you get the results you want, but we can’t do that without help from you. It starts with your initial goals statement when you join. Your free consults are a great time to continue the process. But if you’re wanting to take the next step, reach a specific goal, or reach it sooner, personal training is the shortest distance between you and that goal. If you’re interested in setting up a personal training appointment, contact us by email at info@crossfitslipstream.com, or speak with Susan or any of the coaches at the gym and we’ll be happy to help.

–Jay Alexander