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CrossFit? But I’m an Endurance Athlete!

CrossFit is a general physical fitness program, and is to all physical activity as decathlon is to track and field – broad, but not deep.  Nevertheless, CrossFit can help you accomplish any sport-specific goal in one of three ways: (1) as the foundation of general physical fitness on which you layer specialty training, (2) in-season strength training, OR (3) as off-season training to get stronger, maintain cardiovascular fitness, avoid burnout and prevent injury.

…CrossFit can help you accomplish any sport-specific goal in one of three ways…

Which approach is right for you depends on the importance of the sport to you and your athletic goals – including its seasonality.

The more your goals involve being genuinely competitive against other racers and the more defined your season, the more specific your training should be.  For you, doing CrossFit in the off-season under the watchful eye of a coach who knows and keeps your goals in mind, is the right choice.  A few months of CrossFit will restore your strength, recover lost mobility, and keep you healthy for another season of competition.  You may even find your performance improved by your experience, as you improve your strength-to-weight ratio, explosive strength, balance, and other attributes translate into improved performance.

You will also appreciate the mental break: in CrossFit, your workouts are programmed for you, there’s no waiting for equipment, and you can focus on working hard without the hassles of a gym full of people doing different things.

You may choose to continue either CrossFit or more specific strength training two or three days per week during your competitive season to preserve your hard-won gains, maintain the advantages they bestow upon you, and keep a rhythm that will allow you to build even greater fitness during the next off season.

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If your athletic goals are year-round, or more focused on the process, participation, or personal achievement, CrossFit is a fantastic year-round foundation for your sport-specific preparation.  Here, you use CrossFit for basic physical fitness and especially for core strength, then layer as much specific training as you need and can perform to reach your sport-specific goals.  We’re delighted to program all of it for you, if you’d like.

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So athletes, come give CrossFit Slipstream a try with a free introductory workout, visit our “Guest Days,” or come see us at season’s end.

–John Bryant

Founder & Head Trainer