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Introducing the Slipstream Consistency Club

We are excited to announce for 2019 our all new “Consistency Club!”

Earning  Consistency Club honors is a testament to your dedication to your goals. The more you’re at Slipstream giving it your all, the closer you get to your goals! The “Consistency Club” is a public recognition of your commitment to fitness and health.

Earning Consistency Club honors depends on your membership.  Think of it like goal setting – your membership type sets the goal.  Based on your membership, you must attend:

  • 8x: at least 8 times during the month
  • 12x: at least 12 times during the month 
  • Unlimited:  at least 13 times in one month
  • Lite punchcard: at least 8 times in one month

At the end of each month, we will announce who made the Consistency Club with the number of times attended next to their name!

Each month’s Consistency Club members are entered into a raffle to win some sweet prizes.  It begins January 1st, 2019!!!  Let’s go! 

Raffle Prize (examples)

  • Free mobility pack
  • One month membership upgrade
  • Free 1 hr personal training session
  • Free Functional Movement Screen
  • Free Body Fat Test
  • Free tee shirt
  • Etc…