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Why Personal Training: To Achieve a Specific Goal

We are all special snowflakes.  It’s trite, but true, and no one style of working out, exercise program or training template is right for everyone.  That’s why personal training is the gold standard for physical fitness.  Nothing else will target your needs more specifically, address your desires more directly, or get you to your goal faster than a program designed and implemented specifically for you and your goals.  This post inaugurates a series of blogs about the various reasons why you might choose personal training over group fitness such as CrossFit or another of the options we provide.

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The drawback to personal training is, of course, expense.  Having a dedicated fitness professional draft and supervise a training program especially for you requires one-on-one time and attention, which costs money.  As with everything else in life, the real question is value: is it worth it to you?  We can help you clarify your answers to the questions “what do I want to do and why do I want to do it?”  We then help you analyze your options and decide on the best path to your goal. 

We can help you clarify your answers to the questions “what do I want to do and why do I want to do it?”

The first reason to consider personal training is to achieve a specific goal.  We start the process with the Functional Movement Screen and tests of functional strength and endurance.  These tell us where you are now.  Your goal determines where you want to go. The more specific your desire, the more targeted your timeline, the more issues you need to address, the more you need a specific training plan.  Your timeline determines the rate of progress required, and with it the intensity needed.

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We then produce a program you can follow with as much or as little assistance as your personal needs and wants allow.  You will need instruction and supervision for things you’re new to, and check-ins and adjustments for things you’re used to.  Your program can be drafted from scratch, or we can save time and money by adjusting a template we’ve created or from another source.  We’ll be with you as much as you need and no more, managing costs and allowing you to own the process – and your achievements.  We are here to help, as much or as little as you need.  Contact me at john@crossfitslipstream.com to take your dream and start making it a reality!

-John Bryant

Founder & Head Trainer