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A Thank-You To Our Members

This is our membership appreciation week.  It may seem an odd time, but happening now because every August is a time for our Team to reflect, plan, and humbly remember why we do what we do.  This is because August is the time we renew our affiliate agreement with CrossFit.  It offers the chance for reflection and to either make changes or renew our commitments, focus, and mission.

We are here because you are amazing, strong, and inspiring every day.  Reflecting on the last year, your successes, struggles overcome, and new friendships and relationships provide more reward than money or “prestige” ever could.  Without every one of you, we wouldn’t be where we are now, and wouldn’t be able to do what we do.  You have given us so much, and want you to know how grateful we are.

When we began dreaming of Slipstream, one thing was paramount: the member experience.  We never aimed for a million members, 18 locations, or a Games competitor.  And we never will.  Our goal was and will continue to be nurturing a passion for life until new challenges are actively sought and achieved.  At Slipstream, we define success as having happy, healthy members, who reach out to challenge themselves regularly.

As we move forward,  we will continue to educate ourselves.  We will always accept feedback.  And we will never stop asking you to help us support you by communicating your desires, dreams, and goals. And we will always do everything we can to help you make them a reality.

It’s all of you who have allowed us to do this work. We can’t possibly thank you enough for sticking with us and encouraging those around you to give this crazy stuff a try.  You are a community we are proud to be a part of, and individuals that we feel lucky to have met.

So just a heartfelt thank you from the Slipstream Team, and assurance that in the next year you can expect us to be better than ever.


John Bryant

Founder & Head Trainer

P,S. If you’re not a member and would like to see what we’re about, contact me at info@crossfitslipstream.com for a free no-sweat introduction to who we are and what we do.