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Why did you decide to try Personal Training at CrossFit Slipstream?
I chose personal training at CrossFit Slipstream for a number or reasons. John is very experienced in CrossFit endurance/endurance races. We agreed that endurance athletes typically brush over the strenghth portion of training, but to be a well rounded athlete, no matter the sport, it’s important. I also had pre-existing injury and major mobility problems. John structures workouts and teaches me movements around that injury. Lastly, John is a Marine, something we both share, his dedication to duty, without question, has seeped into his work life (CrossFit Slipstream). His knowledge base on all of this, I feel is a result of that, it was the icing on the cake.

How is having a Personal Trainer changed your workout or fitness results?
Personal Training has accelerated my fitness goals exponentially. The structure of the workout progresses to get harder each week but not in such a way where I get burned out. It’s like the saying “When you want something done right, hire a professional.” In the past I had problems making my own plan and not burning out, and difficulty tweaking it to suit my needs. One on one time with John is like taking a crash course in your personal movement. 

How has this training affected your health and/or life? 
For me endurance sports is a mental game, I feel better after and it forces the mind and body to accept uncomfortable circumstances. I think this is good for the mind. The physical benefits result in doing it. 

What is your favorite type of workout?
I like open water swimming and body weight wodsthat include kettle bells.

What would you say to somone who is thinking about Personal Training?
I would say, setting and achieving goals is done through planning. So if you have serious goalsyourtrying to attain or specific movements you want to do, try personal training. Having a professional helps you structure and keeps you accountable. Accountability is huge, that and you pay for it, so you better get the use out of it.