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Torch Fat and Feel Great with Burn45

Burn45 is a class we developed specifically to help people burn off excess body fat in only 45:00 without leaving you exhausted for hours afterwards.  How does it work?

Burn45 uses the Maximum Aerobic Function (“MAF”) number to set a target heart rate zone, then we use sets of 5-10 repetitions of functional movements like squats, presses, and carries to get your heart rate into that zone.  Rest as needed between sets, and work as hard as you like, but keep your heart rate within 10 beats above or below your MAF number.  

“Burn45 is a class in which we do NOT want you to go hard”

What’s your MAF number?  The basic calculation is 180 – your age in years.  If you have a history of heart disease, or have been working out regularly for a year or more, it might be lower or higher.  You can do a more individualized calculation here.   

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At the MAF heart rate, your body uses aerobic lypolysis, which is the fancy way to say “fat burning,” as its primary energy source.  If you go too hard and get your heart rate up much higher, you’ll switch to burning sugar (aerobic or anaerobic glycolysis).  Burning sugar in a workout causes more muscle damage, hunger and fatigue.  Those can be good things if your goals relate to shorter, harder events, but not if you’re interested in losing fat and having energy all day.

So Burn45 is a class in which we do NOT want you to go hard, feel the burn, or end up gasping on the floor.  We DO want to burn fat and build your aerobic system.  Both of those abilities will help you handle long events, busy days, and get the most out of your time at the lake.

In our Burn45 class, you’ll come in, warm-up, learn new movements or improve your abilities with old ones, and then get your heart rate to 10 beats above or below your MAF number and keep it there for up to 40:00.  Instead of steady-state cardio that may cause you to burn muscle instead of fat, we use resistance exercises that strengthen and tone your muscles while improving your mobility and overall physical capabilities.  This means you’ll do 5-10 repetitions of an exercise, or a few seconds of carries, holds, and the like, then check your pulse.  If you have a heart rate monitor, it’s a great tool to use.  If not, we’ll teach you to take and calculate your pulse, which is less expensive and more reliable than any monitor.

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Burn45 will help your body make fat its preferred fuel.  When that happens, you’ll feel less hungry, eat less overall, and lose unwanted pounds faster.  Since we’re using resistance exercises to reach your target heart rate, you are strengthening and toning in the process.  It also learns that it needs muscle mass if you’re going to do these things to it.  So it’ll keep your muscle and burn other stuff, like – you guessed it – fat. 

See you there, or contact me for more information!

John Bryant

Founder & Head Trainer