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Why did you decide to try CrossFit?

(Jessica) Matt’s sister and bother-in-law have been doing CrossFit for a year longer than us and were having great results, staying accountable and found a wonderful community of people. We knew we needed to get in shape and didn’t know exactly where to start so we took their recommendation to start CrossFit as well!

(Matt) My sister and brother in-law spoke highly of it. I wanted more accountability to make myself get off the couch and work out instead of watching people in shows that clearly are motivated enough to work out.


How is having a CrossFit coach changed your workout or fitness results?

(Jessica) Before CrossFit when I went to the gym I would jump from machine to machine not knowing what to focus on and sometimes not knowing how to properly use it for maximum results. Having a CrossFit coach that knows the movements and structures your workouts is invaluable. They make the hour you spend with them very efficient so that you see better results faster.

(Matt)  I think the biggest thing they we gain from coaches is efficiency. They help show us movements to work muscles that we don’t use often, and keep the workouts interesting. I don’t have to be planned when going to exercise, I just show up and do what they tell me to do. As long as I take care of my diet outside of the gym I feel what I’m doing here will get me the results I want. Also, they are pretty cool people that make me look forward to working out instead of dreading it.

How has doing CrossFit affected your health and/or life?

(Jessica) We’ve been at Slipstream for a year and can definitely say that I’m in significantly better shape then when we started. This goes for other aspects of my life as well: I have more energy, am more cognitively aware, eat better, and have better relationships with friends & family. I’ve found that by improving one aspect of my live(Matt) I feel more aware of the muscles I have (and the ones I don’t…haha). It has helped me notice how

(Matt) I’ve been seamlessly improving all other parts of my life.activites and dietary changes have affected my body.

What is your favorite CrossFit movement?

(Jessica) I don’t have a favorite movement but I definitely have a least favorite! Rowing and wall balls are simply the worst.

(Matt)  I’ve always liked running and that really hasn’t changed; however, I really like all the variety of movements the most. Except for Burpees, we are pretty much arch enemies  


What would you say to someone who is thinking about trying CrossFit?

(Jessica) Give it a try and come to one of the guest days! There’s an intimidation factor around CrossFit that it’s incredibly intense and that you have to already be in the best shape of your life to make it through a workout. The truth is that there’s people of all ages and strengths and each workout can be modified to accommodate where you are at physically. This is also a wonderful community of like mindedpeople that are trying to better themselves. You’ll find that they don’t judge, they’re incredibly kind and will go out of their way to help and encourage you.

(Matt) Just do it. The workouts may look intimidating sometimes, but you will never regret doing them and may even surprise yourself with how you do on some of the movements. There is a variation for everyone!