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Why did you decide to try CrossFit?
I was at a point in my life where  I really wasn’t happy where I was physically or emotionally. I felt tired all the time, bored and just stuck. I reached kind of a breaking point where I knew I wanted to do something drastic but also recognized that I don’t know what I’m doing. My brother had a lot of success with CrossFit but is a much better athlete than I am. So I researched CrossFit boxes throughout the area. I wanted to do something really hard and out of my comfort zone, but I also heard the horror stories about overly aggressive coaches and people exerting themselves to the point of injury. I had to know that the gym would be the right fit. Crossfit Slipstream is all about teaching and a positive, supportive atmosphere so I took a leap of faith and signed up for the New Year, New You program. 
How is having a CrossFit coach changed your workout or fitness results?
This is the single biggest factor in my success. I came knowing practically nothing about not only weightlifting but just how my body worked in general. John and the coaches have been incredibly kind and patient with me as I tried to learn how to straighten my back for deadlifts, how to use the right muscles on a pull up and just basic stretching. I also know John has my back. He’s actually stopped me from doing workouts before if I get too tired or my form goes bad because he cares about me not getting hurt. That means a lot, especially in a sport where yelling and going beyond where you should sometimes happens. Since I’ve learned some of the basics, I’ve been able to go the gym on my own to weight train with proper results. I lost about 25 pounds since I started back in January 2017, and the cool part is i’m starting to gain some of that weight back as muscle! I’m also running now, which is something I never really did, but wouldn’t have tried if not for CrossFit Slipstream.
How has doing CrossFit affected your health and/or life?
Gamechanging! Apart from the physical aspects (I have shoulders now!) the biggest part is how it’s affected my emotional outlook. I went through a lot personally this past year and my fall back to get through a lot of it was working out. The things that used to annoy me in life don’t bug me as much anymore because I just feel more relaxed and confident. I’m able to handle more responsibilites in my life while simultaneously not feeling as much stress as I used to prior to exercise and knowing what I’m putting in my body. It’s at the point now where I start feeling weird if i’m not in the gym.
What is your favorite CrossFit movement?
Deadlifts. There is something incredibly satisfying about picking something heavy off the ground. It’s a great accomplishment. Weight doesn’t lie to you. It either goes up or it doesn’t, so when you lift it and hit a new PR or that one extra rep, it’s your accomplishment. It’s a great feeling.
What would you say to someone who is thinking about trying CrossFit?
If you were where I was last year – tired, bored and anxious to change something – then come to CrossFit Slipstream. They will give you the tools and the motivation to go as far as you want to go. Also you will be cared for and encouraged along the way, which will in turn inspire you to go farther than you believed you could. This is the right atmosphere for the next step of your journey.