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Coach Spotlight – Meet Coach Jay!

Coach Jay has been with CrossFit Slipstream since January 2017, first as a coaching intern, and now as a coach. No matter what time of day it is, Jay brings his smile and attentive coaching style to every class. Whether he is coaching or getting his own workout in, Jay is incredibly supportive of everyone and a pleasure to have around the gym. We wanted to catch up with Jay to find out more about him and show you why you should check out one of his classes (where you’re likely to workout to some fun 80’s and 90’s pop tunes) ASAP!

What is your fitness background?

My fitness background started while I was in high school. I actually tried a hot yoga class with a friend on the cross-country team, because we just wanted to try it out to have something other than running. I started teaching yoga about a year after that, and then once I came to college, started playing around with some body building. I found CrossFit Slipstream last January, so January 2017, and I did my internship there until about May 2017, when I started coaching here part-time.

Why do you like coaching CrossFit?

I really like coaching CrossFit because I didn’t really ever think of myself as strong before I started CrossFit. When I’m coaching, it’s really awesome to see that with other people when they get to discover their own strength and play around with barbells. Maybe people have never touched a weight before in their life, but they come to a CrossFit gym and they get to try these things and surprise themselves on a day-to-day basis, so that’s really why I love it.

What is your coaching philosophy?

I’d say my coaching philosophy is really just that when you get into the gym, it should really be the best time of the day. This is so much more than just walking into a gym, doing your own thing, and listening to your headphones. This is about having people around to support you, and giving them reasons to find their own strength and come back and progress in CrossFit, whether that’s because they really want to be the best they can be at CrossFit, or if it’s because they want to the best version of themselves outside of the gym.

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