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What Do You DO at a CrossFit Box?

So CrossFit is “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.”

But what do you actually do when you go to a CrossFit “box”?

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We do the “WOD”.  A CrossFit box normally programs one workout of the day – the “WOD”.  If you go to the box that day, that is the workout you will do, with any changes to the movements, weights, or other elements that you need to challenge your current abilities without overreaching them.  A major benefit you receive from joining CrossFit Slipstream as opposed to other fitness facilities is this programmed but customized workout – you don’t have to decide what to do, wait for equipment to be available (though you have to share sometimes), or change your workout based on what others are doing.

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Our WODs are one hour long, and begin with everyone gathering at the whiteboard on which the WOD is written.  We introduce ourselves to any visitors, and discuss the warm-up, workout, and cool-down planned for that day.  We discuss any adjustments we expect to make with you as  individuals, then we get to work.

WODs can be anything from just back squatting to lots of repetitions of lots of exercises one after the other to a long run, but many have two parts: a lifting portion and a “metcon”.

The lifting portion can be Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, or another element that taxes your ability to produce force.  Sometimes, this is all we’ll do.  It’s challenging, fun, and won’t make you bulky (unless you want it to and you eat 4,000+ calories a day to make it happen).

CrossFit Slipstream lifting

“Metcon” is short for “metabolic conditioning” and means the part where you are breathing hard.  This is training that taxes the glycolytic and oxidative metabolic pathways (also known as anaerobic and aerobic, respectively).  Endurance athletes know and love these systems.  These can last from 1 to 40 or more minutes.

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CrossFit Slipstream Wall Balls

When the workout portion is over, it is very important to cool down and stretch to begin the recovery process and ensure that your hard work leads to improvement, rather than just sore muscles.  CrossFit Slipstream programs and implements cool-down and “mobility” elements for every WOD, so you are not left on your own for these critical elements of a complete workout.

CrossFit Slipstream stretching

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If you’re new to CrossFit and want to see for yourself what it’s all about, please come to an introductory workout.  Click here to GET STARTED!

– John Bryant

P.S. We often refer to CrossFit gyms as “boxes” because they look empty compared to most fitness facilities.  This is because we don’t use machines.  Your bodyweight and simple implements are all we need to get you in the greatest shape of your life!