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The Slipstream Approach To Training

Many of us find our lives are just insane – there is so much to do and so little time to do it in, so many things competing relentlessly for our attention.  Fortunately, many of us are realizing that dedicating time to taking care of ourselves pays off in better performance in other areas of our lives.  CrossFit Slipstream gives you maximum results in minimum time, so your workouts serve your life as you want to live it.

People are different, so their training needs to be different as well.  The best option is personal training, though the cost puts it out of reach for many.  Many people find group training an enjoyable next-best.  But working out in a group means doing the same thing as everyone else – otherwise you’re just working out near each other, not together.   We square this circle by customizing our one Workout of the Day (“WOD”) to suit your needs and goals.  You do the same basic workout as everyone else, but we adjust the elements of the workout to specifically suit your needs, abilities, and goals.

Every new member is asked what their goal(s) is (are) – what brought you to CrossFit Slipstream?   What is it you want to achieve?  Every member is also assessed for their basic skills and abilities.  From there, we can make informed decisions on how to customize our group training to meet your needs.

Mechanics —> Consistency —> Intensity

Every exercise follows a simple progression: Mechanics —> Consistency —> Intensity.  Some of the factors we consider include: your experience and capability with each element of a workout, your fatigue level that day, and your personal fitness goals.  For example, if your mechanics on a certain barbell lift are inconsistent, then you will use less weight, do fewer repetitions, and focus on becoming consistent, rather than add intensity before you are ready.  If your overall goal is to run a fast marathon, and you have a hard run training session the next day, we’ll scale back the overall intensity of a workout, perhaps substituting or eliminating an exercise, so you are fresh for that run.

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We also program our workouts by ability.  We program weights to be used on barbell lifts by percentage of your one repetition maximum (1RM).  We won’t test 1RM until you are ready, but we can estimate it pretty well until you’re ready to test.  We also err on the light side, to be safe.  We post maximum weights for things like kettlebell movements, to give you an idea of how hard that movement should be, rather than dictating that you must use weight X.  No one is allowed to go heavier than the posted maximum.  If that’s easy for you, then you get to go faster with that weight, rather than heavier.

Other elements, such as gymnastics movements, do not lend themselves to this kind of adjustment when writing out the workout.  But just like max weights for kettlebells or percentages for barbells, the version written on our whiteboard is the hardest version of that movement anyone will do, no matter how capable they are.  So if the WOD says “chest to bar pull-ups” and you struggle to do chin-over-the-bar pull-ups, your workout will be adjusted to challenge you, not insist that you meet a standard that is beyond you on that day.  It also means that no one is going to show off by substituting something harder, just because they can.

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These upper limits are as important as adjusting downward — they keep you from overreaching or over-emphasizing your favorite parts of a workout to the detriment of other parts.  Normally, people over-emphasize things we’re already good at, a common fault when working out on your own.  Working with a coach and a group helps you work on things you aren’t so good at, which often turns out to be what’s limiting your progress.

By knowing your goals, your abilities, and your struggles, our coaches can work with you to ensure you get the most out of each and every workout you do at CrossFit Slipstream.  We ensure that your workouts support your goals, rather than leaving you too sore or tired to do the things you want to do, whether it’s a long training run for your marathon or chasing the kids around the yard.

–John Bryant

Founder & Head Trainer