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Tom has been doing the CrossFit Lite class at CrossFit Slipstream for over a year!  He is nearly 70 and full of life!  He is very funny and greets everyone with a joke!  We love having Tom as part of our community!  Tom shared his words of wisdom with us:

1.Why did you decide to try CrossFit?

My wife Helen saw the presentation in the skyway one afternoon last year. John told her he couldn’t keep her from getting old (a refreshing bit of candor in the present hyper environment) but she could delay decrepitude. That intrigued her. Neither of us have had much success in shared fitness endeavors. Alone we have had even less. She asked me to come along and I did, not expecting much.

It was a good hour of doing what we were sort of capable of, after a sensible and well presented 15 minutes of stretching and bending.There were a few things that we had not considered before( why would one drag a perfectly rollable large  tire?, or just get up from the ground as many different ways as possible?) The last quarter of the hour like the first quarter was another session of stretch and bend. I wasn’t quite sure, but saw enough benefit to give it a couple of sessions to give it a fair trial………I am very fond of it now and am much fitter and flexible as a result.

2. How has having a coach changed your workout or fitness results?

Every thing is done to CrossFit Standard, not to time, and as the classes are small (4 to 8 persons) you get on the spot corrections and repetition adjustment as required by a professional trainer and safety monitor. It is the same as having both a personal trainer and a thoughtful mentor. Since you do not know in advance what iterations you will be doing there is no anticipation or fear of failure. Your Coach tells you what you will do, shows you how to do it, watches as you practice doing it and then reinforces and  corrects you as you do it.

3. How has CrossFit affected your life/health?

Both my level of fitness and my agility are measurably improved. My physical strength and stamina have returned to levels that I enjoyed before retirement  and my confidence and resiliency are reinforced.

4. What would you say to someone who is thinking about trying CrossFit?

This is a great process that most might be unsure of,  given the expectations of most fitness programs. CrossFit is non competitive, (you meet and exceed your own expectations) Well monitored and well thought out. Progress is measurable and the benefits are apparent within a few sessions. It is time and money well spent in a functional safe environment that does indeed keep decrepitude at bay.

This has been the healthiest year my wife and I have enjoyed since retirement and Crossfit Slipstream is a big part of the reason for our good fortune.