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Paul is ALL IN during his workouts!  He’s so passionate about CrossFit, he recently attended the CrossFit Level I course.

1.Why did you decide to try CrossFit?

I have always been into fitness and while out for a mountain bike cruise with my good friend he invited me to a bring your friend day at Slipstream.

2. How has having a coach changed your workout or fitness results?

Having a great Coach has drastically improved my fitness results! I thought I really knew how to lift weights and squat! WRONG! I actually had ZERO technique on the lifts I knew and learned technique on the stuff I knew and didn’t know. Having a good coach has kept my workouts safe and challenging, and I have received great gains in my health and fitness.

3. How has CrossFit affected your life/health?

CrossFit has definitely changed certain aspects of my life. The way I eat and think about food has changed. The intensity in which I workout has overlapped into my work and home life. I feel more driven and confident in my day to day life. My health has done a complete 180, my blood pressure is the lowest it has ever been it is in the Fit range.

4. What would you say to someone who is thinking about trying CrossFit?

I would highly recommend anyone to try CrossFit. And if you are thinking about it dive head first, you will not regret it! CrossFit is a great community with tons of support, it’s almost like a Family.