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1.Why did you decide to try CrossFit?

I chose to join CrossFit to meet new people and to get in better shape! I’d tried it a few times before and always enjoyed it, but never stuck with it. After hearing about Crossfit Slipstream I decided to try it again and this time I stuck with it! Probably because of all of the awesome people… 🙂

2. How has having a coach changed your workout or fitness results?

Having a CrossFit coach has been the best! John makes sure that I stay “organized” while also challenging myself to become stronger. Having a coach has made me more dedicated because I can’t just decide to give myself an “easy” day or that I’m not strong enough to add any more weight. The coaches (John and Mike) make sure that we know that they are going to motivate us to push us to our limits to help us reach our fitness goals! Without them I’d probably still be in my apartment gym using the 5lb weights everyday wondering why I’m not getting any stronger…haha!

3. How has CrossFit affected your life/health?

CrossFit has made me so much stronger and confident! My clothes fit better and I genuinely feel like I’ve gained muscle. I’d say the next step would be to cut down the wine and sweets intake and increase the fruit and veggies…but overall I have definitely noticed that I feel healthier and happier from doing CrossFit!

4. What would you say to someone who is thinking about trying CrossFit?

If someone is thinking about doing CrossFit, I would say to give yourself about 2 weeks to a month to really get into it and have enough time to start seeing results. Anytime someone starts something new (especially CrossFit) it’s going to seem hard and you’re going to be really sore all of the time at first. To be honest, the soreness doesn’t really go away (haha!) but you’ll become addicted to the way you feel when you complete a workout. Also, if you’re thinking that it’s just too intense or “scary” to do…it’s not! I’ve met a lot of people who tell me they’re too scared to try CrossFit because it looks so intimidating. There are so many different people who do it for different reasons and if you just try it you’ll figure out that it’s anything but scary! It’s a great workout and if you join CrossFit Slipstream, then you’ll also be with some pretty great people 🙂