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1.Why did you decide to try CrossFit?

I was looking for a more challenging workout that wasn’t boring.  I have tried P90X as well as other gyms/studios and my biggest issue was the lack of diversity.  With other group classes and P90X – the workouts were hard to a degree, but it was the same thing every single time.  I felt like I wasn’t always being challenged and I found myself becoming very bored and losing interest.  A few of my co-workers were longtime “CrossFitters” and they were always telling me I had to try it – so I finally took the plunge and I am so glad I did!  It is honestly just what I had been looking for.

2. How has having a coach changed your workout or fitness results?

Having a coach has made me really focus on my technique and form.  In other classes, I was one of many, many other students so the instructor couldn’t really focus on form.  Because proper technique is so important to get the results I want and prevent injury, this has been a huge benefit.  Additionally, having a coach has forced me to push myself harder.  There have been plenty of times John has pushed me to add more weight, when I never would have on my own. He pushes me to challenge myself – which will benefit me in the long term.

3. How has CrossFit affected your life/health?

CrossFit has finally provided an outlet to achieve the results I want – which is great!  But beyond that, it has also taught me to push the limits and challenge myself.  I have not experienced another workout that leaves me feeling so accomplished.

4. What would you say to someone who is thinking about trying CrossFit?

Don’t be scared/intimidated!  When I first considered trying CrossFit, I was worried that I wouldn’t fit in – but that quickly faded as I met the coaches and other members.  If you want to be part of an encouraging community, challenge yourself, learn new things and get great results – CrossFit is for you.  Don’t hesitate – take the plunge!