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CrossFit & CrossFit Endurance WODs 30Aug16


GUEST DAYS!  All Guests workout for free!

Warm-Up: 4*0:15 ea: Jumping jack, squat, mountain climber, plank hold

AMRAP 12:00

  • 200m Run

  • 6 Box Jumps

  • 6 Push-ups

Rest 5:00, then:

AMRAP 10:00

  • 20m Run

  • 20m Walking lunges

Cool-Down: Cheerleader w/arms across, low lunge w/hamstring stretch, karate chop


Training for the Twin Cities 10-Mile!

AM: 20-30 minutes of drills, 4-6*400m w/300m EZ between

PM: do CrossFit