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Your Guide to Training for a Strong 5k

Original CrossFitter Chris Spealler has outlined three types of CrossFitters:

  • Type III are those trying to get to the CrossFit Games (i.e. “world class”),

  • Type II those competing in CrossFit, but not talented or skilled enough to have a realistic chance to go to the Games (i.e. “enthusiasts”), and

  • Type I, which is basically everyone else.

Within that “everyone else” are those who use CrossFit to prepare for non-CrossFit competitions.

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These can range from the obviously similar, such as obstacle races, to what would seem completely unrelated, like bicycle racing.

Our WOD Your Way to a 5k guide lays out a path for using CrossFit for such “outside” purposes, be it an actual 5k, an obstacle race, or something else entirely.

Our goal at CrossFit Slipstream is to prepare you for the events you enjoy and the challenges you want to face.

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– John Bryant

Founder/Header Trainer