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Why CrossFit?

Our About page describes CrossFit as broad fitness developed by a constantly varied selection of functional movements performed at high intensity.  But why should you make it your physical fitness regime?

The obvious answer is because it works.  But what does “works” mean in the physical fitness context?  There must be a goal or measurable outcome before you can say your efforts have “worked” or not.  CrossFit defines the goal as “increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains.”

Funny enough, even though that fits on a t-shirt, it’s not what anyone wrote down as a New Year’s Resolution.  Those tend to be qualitative and abstract, like “get in shape”, or quantitative, like “lose five pounds” or “go to the gym three times a week”.  CrossFit’s goal is quantitative, but notice that it is a practical one – it is about being able to do things (perform work).  And not just one thing, but one thing or many things in combination, at any time, and for any duration.

Where are you going with all that fitness?

CrossFit works because it focuses on the ability to do, not on other metrics, like weight, clothing size, or “beach body”.  When you start working to improve the functional ability of your body through CrossFit, funny things start to happen – you start actually wanting to eat better, instead of just knowing you should, you discover movements you didn’t know you could do, you start bending in ways you couldn’t just yesterday (safely!) and that “beach body” starts poking through on its own.

While this is happening, you start living a fuller, more complete life, because now you can.  You can take on that challenge, you can climb that hill for a view, you can walk all day through a tourist town and still dance the night away, you can get the groceries in the house in one trip.  You gain the confidence to take on new challenges, because you’ve faced so many challenges in the Box.  So kayaking, backpacking, an obstacle course race, or anything else that would have given you pause before is now an exciting possibility.

-John Bryant

Founder & Head Trainer